Branding is like a cup of coffee

This week, I watched a Chronicle segment on New England Coffee. Like most coffee drinkers, I savor every drop of a great cup of coffee! There’s nothing more magical, or motivational, than the aroma of the coffee maker brewing my morning cup of Joe.

The segment was eye opening. Like most average Joes, I really don’t know what goes into my favorite New England Coffee cup, but thanks to Chronicle, I do now. It’s all about the blend.

The roasters at New England Coffee take beans from around the world — blending, testing roasting — to get the best product to market. This process has made New England Coffee one of the largest and most successful ground coffee companies in New England, and they’ve been doing this more than a century!

I had somewhat of an epiphany while watching this Chronicle segment. I likened the blending process to my profession, brand marketing. Like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, branding is all about the blend. A branding campaign doesn’t succeed based solely on one practice; it’s not digital versus traditional, social versus public relations or PPC versus SEO. It’s a strategic blend of each that perfects the message.

From now on “blend” is the new term I’ll use for “coordinated campaign.” What I learned from the Chronicle segment is how important the early stages of the “blend” really are to the overall success of New England Coffee and its brand image. Without the blending, testing, roasting and learning, the coffee company would not have the successful products they bring to the market every day.

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