January 23, 2018 Dan Duval, CEO

Where is your “Break out hit?”

Havana, ooh na-na (ay)

In 2012, five incredibly talented young ladies were on a television show called X Factor. They sang their hearts out, making it impossible for judges to pick a clear winner. So, to his credit, Mr. “Mean”, Simon Cowell, brought the girls back on stage and recommended that the five of them become a musical “girl” band, and named them Fifth Harmony. For nearly 5 years, Fifth Harmony created chart-topping music with international hits like “Worth It”

But being a part of an amazing 5-person group is, in my assessment, similar to being part of the area’s top financial institutions—just as your bank or credit union certainly is. You know you’re pretty damn good—but, sadly, so are they.

Anyway, lo and behold, one member of that amazing “girl” band decided, after four years, to leave the band and go solo. Her name is Camila Cabello. She is now recognized all over the planet—by name—for her outstanding music, in particular a song called “Havana” which, just yesterday, debuted at #1 on Billboard’s top 200! Enjoy.

Back to my purpose for writing this. Your financial institution can break out just as Camila did. You just need your “break out hit”. We all know that EVERY financial institution has the “best” customer service. So it won’t be service that separates you from the pack. We all know that EVERY financial institution has the “best” online banking tools. So, yeah, that’s not a differentiator either. We also know that EVERY financial institution’s depositor base is aging, and you’re most likely marketing to the millennial crowd. Hmm, have fun with that!

In fact, you and your competition are more alike than you might think. Let me guess, loans, deposits, wealth management, maybe insurance, blah, blah, blah. Boring stuff to most of the world. Where is your “break out hit?”

Believe it or not, it’s right in front of you. You’ll never be able to see it yourself without a third party who does not share office space with you or have to answer to the C-Suite and the Board.

M+D helps clients find their “break out hit” everyday! As we’ve said before, like Farmers Insurance, “ we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”. After nearly 25 years doing this, and countless awards and accolades, we know we have the right alchemy between creativity and technology, and can guide you on how to survive the digital disruption that’s happening to your industry’s traditional model right now.

Yup, this second!

(tick, tick, tick).

McDougall + Duval Advertising can help you bring out your “break out hit” because baby, we’re worth it!

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