May 14, 2013 Dan Duval, CEO

Keep it real!

Sketchers Ad

People by nature are marketers, essentially “selling” themselves all the time. The way we dress sells our sense of style. The way we talk sells our intelligence. The things we buy sell our practicality and the actions we make sell our sensibility. People are complex selling machines to say the least.

But to be completely honest, some of the “attributes” we sell are not always 100% truthful. They can be embellished at times in hopes of producing a desired result. It happens! Just be careful that what you’re “advertising” you can actually pull off—or the consequences (deceptive advertising) can be painful.

As in life, when you market a product or service, you should also “keep it real.” Check out the Top 10 Famously Deceptive Ads. These ads stretched the truth and as a result became quite painful to the advertiser.

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